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Keeping Yourself Healthy

There are simple things that you can change or adjust in your personal and work life to help you improve your bodies health.

Such as:


  • Lifting – considering if you need assistance, keeping the item close to your body and bending your knees to lift with your legs
  • When driving long distances take regular breaks and make sure the position of the seat is comfortable
  • Regular exercise of thirty minutes each day, advice for over 65’s is to break it down into 10 minutes blocks.
  • Stay active – this can include gardening, dancing, walking, running. A mixture of moderate and vigorous intensity activities
  • Taking care when undertaking physical activity you are unaccustomed to – give your body time to adjust and understand that you may feel a little sore or uncomfortable after exercise
  • Making sure your mattress and sofa are supporting you during rest periods, general advice is to replace them every seven years
  • Eating a healthy and balanced diet – swapping out white breads for whole grains, taking the skin and fat off of meat, having fish twice a week and reducing salt, sugars and fats

When at work:


  • Frequent short breaks away from screens including computers
  • Adjusting your chair and computer to ensure they are at an appropriate height
  • Keeping your mouse and keyboard close to you
  • Sitting with your back to the back of the chair and feet on the floor
  • Avoiding crossing your legs