Osteopathy and rehabilitation

Osteopathy aims at improving injuries to various parts of the body, whether you are suffering from Back and neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or any other musculoskeletal problems, the aim your treatment will be to get you moving again, stronger and more flexible. Osteopathy looks at the body as a whole and each joint in unison to the body. This forms part of the core foundations of osteopathy.


At Osteovision, we work on an evidence-based approach and aim at offering an individualised treatment plan to help you recover in the best possible way and in the quickest way possible. This treatment plan will comprise of a hands on approach to a multitude of therapy modalities to aid your recovery.


Rehabilitation through exercise and treatment is an integral process to help our patients recover and helps them prevent re-injury or further injuries. Our exercise programmes are tailored to you, and aim to restore strength, flexibility and improve movement. During the early stage of rehabilitation programme, we will focus on gentle exercises that allow your damaged tissue to heal whilst helping keeping you mobile throughout your recovery.


We then focus on strengthening in order to help prevent the stresses and strains of everyday life leading to re-injury. Prevention is a key part of your treatment with us. For Athletes and sporting injuries, we recommend working with you and your sporting professional, your personal trainer or your coach where necessary to help get you back to your pre-injury state. Our focus and review will be to ensure you are biomechanically strong to continue your desired activities and help you prevent further injuries.

Our general rehabiliation proigramme is designed to keep you engaged for longer and recovering sooner by

  • Including things that you want to do, to help keep your motivation.
  • Making your goals realistic and achievable. If you can measure the results of your achievements it will help move you forward.
  • Making your tasks and activities meaningful and linked to your condition,
  • By giving you evidence-based information / Education that is important for you to understand.
  • Providing a scheduled time based activity that is fun and enjoyable
  • assessing your progress at follow-up appointments, and will help you adapt your programme to aid the progression of your rehabilitation.


So if you looking to improve your physical state of injury or rehabilitation, contact us at Osteovision for professional advice and guidance.