Osteopathy for babies and children


At Osteovision, we offer specialist paediatric osteopathy as well as osteopathy suitable throughout pregnancy.


Our osteopaths have completed specialist post-graduate qualifications and hands-on experience in treating children and babies, from new-borns to teenagers.
The techniques used are gentle, non-manipulative and suitable for babies and children. Osteopaths utilise a range of techniques including stretching, massage and other gentle techniques such as cranial.

What to expect in a treatment?

We will have a full consultation with the parent to find out about the past and present medical history, after which your baby will have a full body examination and a consultation if age appropriate. The Osteopath will apply their hands to your baby’s head, back, stomach or other areas of the body. Small amounts of pressure are applied to restore ease in the tissues.


A case history is also taken which will involve questions about the pregnancy, delivery, family history as well as the baby’s daily routine including sleeping, playing and feeding, plus their medical history. Following the standard infant assessment, we then undertake a palpatory examination to help detect sources of discomfort, similar to assessment in adults.

Asian kid with scoliosis

Osteopaths work under the principle that there may be a number of contributing factors to the symptoms and therefore look at the whole body to see where and what the contributing factors are.  Other contributing factors such as associated areas that may be contributing to the issue, including past trauma, environmental factors and the family’s health history may also be considered and discussed.

All follow up sessions with our registered osteopaths will usually last up to half an hour.

We will complete a detailed questionnaire relating to your pregnancy, labour and the child’s medical history. Occasionally we may request you to undress your baby or child to their nappy or underwear. However this is not always necessary and is entirely at your discretion.


Based on the information gathered your osteopath will form a diagnosis and treatment plan, giving you an indication as to the number of sessions that may be required. For some individuals just one session may be enough, however some more complicated cases may require a longer course of treatment.

We have colourful toys (these are cleaned between patients) to entertain and distract our younger patients, however you are welcome to bring milk, finger foods, a favourite toy or dummy to entertain them during the session. It is possible to treat a baby whilst she or he is being fed.


Occasionally after the session your baby or child may appear slightly unsettled, this is a normal reaction to osteopathic treatment and often settles quickly. Your osteopath is always on hand to discuss any queries or concerns that you may have. We have locations in Guildford, Frimley, Camberley & across all of Surrey, so we are always nearby to help.

Osteopathy and pregnancy


General aches and pains are unfortunately commonly encountered during pregnancy, as the body adapts to accommodating the increasing size and weight of the uterus. Some of these changes including the softening of ligaments, weight increase, and postural adaptation can lead to additional pressure being placed on the joints in various parts of the body, including the spine and pelvis. Osteopathy can help relieve these stresses and strains both during and after pregnancy.



Osteopaths utilise a range of techniques including physical manipulation, stretching, massage as well as other more subtle techniques like cranial which are often used in pregnancy and when treating young children and new-born infants.


At OsteoVision our approach focuses on complete patient care that not only includes manual therapy, but also health information, self-management advice and support and/or exercise therapy as determined by the needs of the individual throughout pregnancy and beyond.