Osteopathy for Back Pain

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Osteopathy for Back Pain

One of the many benefits of using osteopathy to relieve back pain is that it does not involve medication or surgery. Osteopathy is a way of detecting, treating, and preventing musculoskeletal problems by using joint movement and mobilisation, stretching, and massage, to name a few. Osteopathy focuses on treating the whole body rather than a specific region of the body.

Osteopaths aim to relieve or reduce pain and to help patients get back to normal life activities, whilst improving movement and function. Osteopaths will take a detailed case history to understand if there has been any previous injury, repetitive strain, surgery, illness, or emotional stress that can impact the movement and functioning of the spine, and joints.

A careful examination is taken when assessing back pain. To determine the imbalance of the spine and which joints or muscles are affected, osteopaths will first look at how the joints and muscles in the spine are working as well as where the inflammation, tension or tenderness is. Because osteopathy is a holistic approach, practitioners will also look at other areas of the body to determine if they have an impact on the spinal dysfunction. This would involve examining how the pelvis, legs and upper body contribute to the movement of the spine.

Osteopaths will use manual techniques to relieve or reduce back pain. The techniques used are aimed at increasing movement in the joints and relieving muscle tension. Techniques used by osteopaths may include:

  • Massage:
    Directly applying pressure to the soft tissue of the back, to reduce tension and relieve pain.
  • Manipulation:
    Osteopaths will make quick thrusting actions with their hands at particular points of the spine to correct structural imbalance or relieve pain. Patients may feel a popping sensation when this is done.
  • Muscle Energy Technique:
    Patients are asked to push against resistance, while they apply force back. This technique aims to increase the range of motion in the affected joint.
  • Functional Technique:
    Osteopaths will gently move patients’ joints into positions to reduce tension and pain, before gradually working the joints back into its original positions.
  • Counter-strain:
    An osteopath will slowly move a patient into the position that causes the least amount of pain. While holding the patient in this position they will monitor the areas of the body that is causing pain.
  • Myofascial Release Therapy:
    A deep massage technique in which osteopaths aim to release muscle tightness and tension.
  • Lymphatic drainage technique:
    Osteopaths use this technique to improve the movement of lymph fluid (lymph fluid contains infection fighting white blood cells) throughout the body, by correcting any blockages. This technique is based on the theory that a build-up of lymph fluid can lead to health problems.

Manual therapies offered by osteopaths are generally only one part of the treatment for back pain. Osteopaths will also advise on improving posture and recommend certain types of exercise to relieve and reduce back pain. Keeping active rather than resting is the best thing to do for back pain.

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