NICE Guidance On Low Back Pain

NICE Guidance On Low Back Pain

It’s important to be as informed as possible when it comes to your own health and if you are experiencing health difficulties at the moment, it can be helpful to research the issue so you can gain a deeper understanding of what’s happened, why and how you can best go about addressing it.

This can also really help with any fear you may be experiencing, as well, as it can put your mind at ease about certain conditions and make you feel more empowered.

A really good source of information is the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence website (NICE), which contains an absolute wealth of guidance on matters related to health and you can rest assured that it’s the most trustworthy of sources, so it would be a good first place to visit to familiarise yourself with your condition, whatever that may be.

A very common condition is low back pain and one that you may well experience at some point in your life, so reading up on the topic could well prove beneficial in the future.

The low back pain and sciatica guide could prove very useful if you have just started experiencing discomfort in this part of your body.

Low back pain is defined as soreness or stiffness in the back, between the bottom of your rib cage and the top of your legs. The majority of this is described as non-specific, which means that the pain isn’t likely to have been caused by an infection, fracture or something like cancer.

One of the more common symptoms of sciatica is pain travelling down either one or both legs, but it can also cause numbness or tingling in the leg, as well. This is caused when the sciatic nerve (running from the back of the pelvis to the buttocks and down to the feet) is irritated, which results in pain.

Seeing your GP about the pain is a good first step to take, so you can discuss your symptoms and how they’re affecting your daily life. However, you may find it more immediately beneficial to come and see us here at Camberley osteopathic clinic OsteoVision to see how we can help. We can diagnose you and make referrals to GP’s or specialists as required.

We can help with the overall diagnosis and we can also treat your back pain or sciatica through various soft tissue techniques, joint manipulation and joint articulation. These can relieve pain, release tension and improve functionality.

We work alongside pain specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, medicine review specialists and many other healthcare providers to ensure that you get the most appropriate form of treatment. If you are experiencing low back pain and the moment and aren’t sure how to go about treating it, get in touch with us here at OsteoVision today.