A fall is an event that results in a person coming to rest unintentionally on the ground or floor. The risk of falls rises steadily with age and can result in a loss of mobility and independence, hospitalisation and ultimately loss of confidence.


There are many risk factors known to be involved in falls. Physiotherapists have specialist skills in assessment of these risk factors and are able to provide evidence-based exercise, education and advice programmes aimed to improve balance, increase self-confidence, whilst reducing fear of falling and promote active and healthy lifestyles.


Falling over can cause damage to the body. This ranges from dull aches and irritation to long term pain and discomfort. Elderly people are most at risk for significant long-term issues relating to falls due to the body not being able to heal as effectively as younger people.


Workplace accidents are also a leading cause of injuries related to falls, most of them involving ladders or other working-at-height duties.


Treatment and massage to the affect areas can relieve pain and aid recovery. OsteoVision can provide various massage, soft tissue, strengthened exercise techniques to help your recovery.


OsteoVision works closely with a team of highly respected and specialised musculoskeletal (MSK) experts, which include pain specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, medicines review specialists, specialist MSK physiotherapists, acupuncturists, cognitive behavioural specialists as well as occupational health specialists who provide complete care across the range of MSK conditions and complexity / severity of disease. The orthopaedic surgeons and pain specialists we work with only perform interventions and surgical procedures once they are confident that all appropriate osteopathy and physiotherapy interventions have been optimised. Generally, patients benefit from physiotherapy or osteopathy after surgery to optimally mobilise the joint and strengthen their muscles.