COVID-19 Procedure

OSTEOVISION is opening on the 13th July 2020 for face to face consultation and treatments to patients/customers.


We will be following the guidance published by Public Health England which are in line with the most recent Government guidance issued to ensure patient safety during COVID-19.


We continue to work closely with our governing bodies to ensure patients and customers can receive the treatments that they desire, whilst ensuring their and our practitioners’ safety.


All patients/customers will be assessed over the phone prior to attendance to ensure that they and members of their household do not have relevant symptoms.


Patients will attend a screening appointment via video or phone, followed by face to face treatment.


An Email COVID-19 questionnaire will be sent to each patient prior to face to face treatment, which patients/customers will need to complete prior to treatment.


New Patients should try book a video or phone consultation 24-48hrs prior to treatment, which will be followed by a face to face appointment following the above consultation.


Patients have the option to bring their own towels to lay on if they so wish. We provide the option of standard towels which are washed after use, as well as single-use paper towels.


All Payments will be online.



  • Our consultation rooms are cleaned daily
  • All treatment couches are wiped down with surgical spirit or disinfectant after each patient/customer treatment.
  • All common areas and door handle are disinfected after each patient
  • Patients/customers can wear PPE if they so wish.
  • All patients/customers will have their temperature taking before entering consultation rooms. If patients/customers have a temperature reading higher than 38°, they will be asked to leave and return if symptom-free after 14 days.
  • All patients/customers will be asked to wash their hands on entering the consultation rooms
  • Antibacterial gels will also be available to use
  • Practitioners will be wearing PPE (gloves, masks, visors/glasses, and gown) which are changed/cleaned after each patient.
  • Windows will be open to allow for flow aeration
    Appointments between patients/customers will be spaced out to allow for cleaning and preparing of rooms for next patient/customer.



  • Attend appointments on your own unless you are a chaperone.
  • Wash hands when you enter the consultation room
  • Where possible remove items of jewellery or accessory prior to attending your appointment.
  • Cancel appointment if they are feeling unwell.