Busting Back Pain Myths

Busting Back Pain Myths

As osteopaths, we commonly treat patients for back pain. Every patient’s experience of pain is different, and each patient’s belief in what their diagnosis is, is different. Because of this, we often hear many misconceptions about why back pain has occurred, and how patients believe it should be treated.

This blog discusses some of the most common misconceptions that we hear.

1) Back pain just happens sometimes for no reason.

Back pain always happens for a reason, even though it often feels like it just comes ‘out of the blue’. The confusing characteristic about the onset of acute back pain is that one minute you may feel fine, and the next you are in pain, seemingly for no apparent reason.

Back pain is generally caused by a variety of physical, psychological and emotional factors. It is often a result of a build-up of tension or a gradual weakening of muscles over a period of time. The back is adaptable and can cope with these stresses for a while, but if it persists pain will ensue.

We do not always feel the build-up of the problem, but we unfortunately do feel the end result. Patients often report that they have been aware of a slight niggle that has been there for a few weeks, but they did not think it was bad enough to act on at the time.

2) Back pain is only caused by lifting something heavy.

This is not true. Incorrectly lifting a heavy object can cause back pain but is it is not the only cause of it. A lot of the time back pain can actually be caused by not doing enough physical activity. Patients often state that they have not done anything differently in their daily routine, or that they have not lifted anything that they think could have caused their pain. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can deteriorate your back health.

The body needs the physical stimulus of movement to keep the joints mobile, muscles strong, and the nervous system working optimally. If you don’t use it you’ll lose it! In practice we see back pain as a result of underuse rather than overuse.

3) Living with back pain is normal.

Almost everyone will have experienced brief episodes of back pain at some point in their lives, but this does not mean it is something that should accompany them through life.

If your back has been hurting for a while, and is not getting better by itself, you should seek medical advice. It can be effectively treated and you should be able to stay pain free. You won’t have to learn to live with the problem.

4) Once you have had back pain, you will always have back pain.

Most people will fully recover from a back strain. However, it can become a repetitive problem when patients go back to their normal habits and daily routines which caused the injury in the first place.

Easing any discomfort is an important part of treatment, but making appropriate lifestyle changes after the pain has eased, is essential for preventing the problem from returning. A combination of the right treatment, advice, and exercise, can completely resolve the problem.

Osteopathy is a holistic approach that uses hands-on techniques to diagnose, treat and prevent musculoskeletal conditions. Osteopathic treatment is perfectly safe to be used alongside other forms of therapy.

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